Top 5 Amusement Parks in Orlando Florida With the Best Rides!


Top 5 : Florida's 5 amusement parks with the best rides!

So you only have so much time in Orlando, but there are theme parks everywhere and you don't want to be rushing to multiple ones on the same day. Here's 5 parks you could do in approximately three or so days, and not feel too rushed.

It's a quite common occurrence to not have enough time in Florida, and this top 5 should help you decide where to go or at least get you thinking a bit more. If you do want to rush, check out this guide, which helps you get through Disney World in one day, and lets you know what rides to not miss out on. This Top 5 misses some great parks, but are the 5 I would choose if I were going down for the best rides!

Onto the parks:
Honorable Mention. Magic Kingdom - I couldn't put just 5 parks, Disney's Magic Kingdom has enough rides that are exciting enough to make it a must-see. The issue is the parking situation. It does take a while to get into the park, and is the reason why it is so low on this list. Space Mountain is one of the best coasters in the world in my opinion, and without it at Magic Kingdom, the park wouldn't be a must-see.
The Castle
All the Mountain-based rides are great and should be ridden! (Splash Mountain/ Big Thunder Mountain Railroad) The newest coaster is also an interesting swinging coaster that is exciting enough for a ride!

5: SeaWorld Orlando: With bad press ruining SeaWorld's reputation, they've been somewhat less busy, but not so much that is noticeable. In good news - they have just saved many animals after the devastation of recent hurricanes, hopefully that will help them out with the low attendances they've been seeing.

The truth is, with funny and entertaining shows and a good amount of rides, you can make a whole day out of SeaWorld. Mako is their newest coaster, and they are currently building more rides each year to keep up with their rivals like Universal and Disney.
Kraken is awesome too, and has been revamped with VR if you want it.

Make sure to see Clyde and Seamore if you're into theme park shows - this is one of the best and has been revamped into a new show within the last 5 years.

Holy Mackerel it is funny
4. Animal Kingdom - With Everest and Dinosaur plus the new additions of AVATAR, this park cannot be missed! It is also an incredible zoo, and if that's your thing - you can spend hours looking at the animal exhibits. It's also a great park that can be done in half a day if you need time at another park like Hollywood Studios for Rockin' Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror.
It's always special looking at a coaster with such incredible themeing.
Animal Kingdom also has Festival of the Lion King, a show that is good for all family members and will have something for everyone. The Nemo Musical wasn't my favourite, but is filled with a lot of talent.

3. Busch Gardens Tampa - The best collection of coasters in Florida will have you busy all day at this park. It also has a plethora of shows that change quite often, and family rides that all can enjoy. It easily picks up spot 3 on this list, and was a contender for higher!
Kumba is a must-ride classic!
Check out Montu as well, regarded as one of, if not the best, inverted coaster in the world.

2. Universal Studios Florida - With new additions each and every year, this park looks completely different from what it did 5 years ago. For a smaller-sized park, it is definitely one that almost fills up an entire day.

This is the number two because it simply has rides that are unmatched anywhere else in Florida. Harry Potter is incredible and immersive with a ride that is filled with new technology, while the Mummy is an awesome indoor coaster with great dark-ride segments as well. There's something for everyone with Men in Black, and then there's the Blues Brothers show for the Adults!
Movie-Style Entrance
1. Universal's Islands of Adventure - I am always torn between Universal and Disney, but ride-wise, universal is where you need to go if you're into the latest technology, and cutting-edge rides that thrill-seekers love.
What everyone goes for, but there's also Jurassic Park, Spider Man, Kong, Hulk, & great shows.
With Dueling Dragons now gone, this park almost dropped a few places, but the place is still filled with fun and needs to be visited no matter what!

This was an odd / very hard list to create because rides like Tower of Terror are incredible, but the Hollywood Studios park doesn't have enough of anything else to get me to place it in the top 5. EPCOT is also incredible, and easily an entire day worth of fun and drinks can be spent there.

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