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A personal blog/vlog and video company for amusement-related content, AmusementInsider was created by Austin Rdzanek over 10 years ago as a platform for everything amusement parks. Always bringing fresh original content to viewers, the AmusementInsider platforms are now a trusted name by enthusiasts and travel lovers because of our in-depth guides, unique camera views, and sneak peeks into the future of amusement parks.

The AmusementInsider pages listed below focus on high-quality photos, videos, and reviews to give theme park and roller coaster enthusiasts the best content available on the web. AmusementInsider has created content for simulators at family fun centers and provides some of the highest-quality POV's and dynamic views available.

Instagram - Follow Us Around the Parks. Out Instagram is filled with exclusive photos, videos, and trips around the world to various theme parks. Follow along with me!
Behind The Thrills - A subsidiary of A.I., the latest news in the amusement industry, the front page of theme parks. Guides, reviews, news, and more!
YouTube - Videos, POV's, Construction, Rumors, News, Concept Animations and more! Our Youtube page is known for being first on new roller coaster animations, its theme park showcases, future layout predictions, news, Ultra-HD POV's, high-quality video reports, and more!
Twitter - The Latest Breaking Amusement News. Our Twitter is dedicated to bringing you amusement news from around the world from various sources. This is where to find the absolute latest in rumors and news.
Facebook - Videos, Information, News. Our Facebook is loaded with fun things from informational videos to theme-park related videos, to breaking news and rumors.

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