Disney World in One Day! Thrill Seekers Guide!


Is it possible to do Disney in Orlando, all in one day?

The short answer is yes! But there are multiple options on how to do it!

Do you want to hit every park and as many rides as you can? Or are you there to enjoy the day and take it slow? This guide is for getting the most rides in while still seeing some great shows!

At Disney it's always best to go multiple days, so you aren't rushing around trying to fit everything. Relaxation is what you are on vacation for, and Disney has incredible things like the Boardwalk, Downtown Disney, mini golf, and more. But, maybe you only have one day? Here's what to do if you are in need of a speed trip.

Here to ride as many rides as you can? This is the guide for you!

First and foremost, hours are important, check out the times the parks are open. If Magic Kingdom is open the latest, that's where you'll be headed last. This guide goes by the most common times, but they change frequently and some things may need to be mentally noted/parks switched around.

Kids won't be able to keep up on a busy day like this, but this guide is simple and short and has multiple options for you. You can cut out an entire park if need be.

Let's begin.

Animal Kingdom is first. Avatar will otherwise have waits that are impossible to make a whole day out of. There may be Extra Magic Hours in the morning which can get you ahead of schedule if you are able to take advantage by staying in a select hotel. 
8:30am plan to be in the parking lot/or arrival by bus, in case any delays put you behind schedule, also - you already ate breakfast before coming.

9:00am, you are at the gate, know your route to Avatar by getting a park map before going through the turnstiles. 
You'll be riding Na'vi River Journey first, an indoor dark water ride that takes you through the Kasvapan River of Pandora. Great for all ages.
The Flight of Passage is next, good for all ages over 44", it is a flight simulator as you ride on a banshee.
From here you'll explore the area a bit more, it is truly incredible.

10:00am, Head to the right of the park, the same way you entered Avatar, to Dinosaur, an incredible off road adventure ride, back in time, with scary moments for kids and loud noises. A truly awesome ride! (And my personal favorite.)
Next up is Everest, a coaster where you'll explore the Mount Everest legend of the Yeti. A must ride! From here you'll head over to the back of the park.

11:00am, You'll be watching Festival of the Lion King at 11:00am, a stage show with awesome acrobats and live singing. It's got something for everyone and is a must see in my personal opinion. 
If there's time to spare before the 11:00 show, go ahead and ride Kilamanjaro Safaris, otherwise, ride this after the show lets out. This Safari trek takes you on a journey where you'll see many different animals up close!

Eat a small lunch on the way out at a quick-service restaurant, there's one on the way out near the Tree of Life.

12:00 Noon, in your car or bus on the way to Hollywood (MGM) Studios. The thrill-seeker's favourite Disney Park. Don't worry if you're behind, better if you're ahead!

1:00pm, You're here to ride Tower of Terror and Rockin' Roller Coaster! Take a few rides on Tower of Terror if the wait is short! These rides are both thrill rides!

2:00pm, Toy Story, an awesome arcade/shooting game is great for all ages. Also take a ride on the family roller coaster while your over this way!
Then you'll be going to Star Tours, which is also great for all ages.

You can spend longer in this park and Animal Kingdom if you plan to skip EPCOT. See the Indiana Jones Stunt Show or ride some more rides, otherwise, if you love to check out Culture and great food (and alcohol), head to EPCOT!
You should also make sure the Magic Kingdom is open to 10pm during your visit. Otherwise, you'll need to head to MK next, and EPCOT last, watching the fireworks at EPCOT.

3:00pm, Arrival at EPCOT, Mostly here to see the world showcase and have some beers! Head over toward Mexico and go on Test Track and Mission Space on the way if time is available! 
The best margaritas are in the pyramid in Mexico, inside the restaurant/bar on the right. (Get a double, why not!) They're stronger than the outdoor frozen margs inside. Continue on and have some beers and whatever else you would like! Norway has the Frozen ride, which may have a long line and be worth skipping unless you have kids that want to enjoy it! Or, have a drink while the other half of your group goes to ride!

5:00pm, dinner at Restaurant Marrakesh. Arguably one of the best places to dine, and quite unknown by Disney goers. From here you'll head out of the park by following the world showcase around to the exit. Stop by Canada for the movie (O, Canada) if you please, and for a beer in England's pub, why not!! If you would like to eat somewhere cheaper or quicker, there's plenty of options in all the countries!
We recommend skipping Soarin' as the Avatar ride is a more advanced version of this ride. If time allows you may ride, but beware of long lines.

Hop on the Monorail over to the Magic Kingdom, which should be open until 10pm on most days. You'll be seeing the fireworks here, otherwise, you'll be seeing EPCOT's fireworks.

7:00-8:00, Space Mountain is the must do ride here. One of my personal favourites, the ride is incredible with older effects and darkness that really creates a high-speed, awesome feeling. Great air-time too! Good for most ages.

8:00, there are many good rides in Magic Kingdom, check out the newer Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, good for all ages, and also Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Splash Mountain, which should have a shorter wait at night, all good for most ages.

The Haunted Mansion is classic Fun that can be squeezed in if time allows.
10:00, get a few last rides in Space Mountain, or go ahead and watch the wishes show, an awesome conclusion to your extremely busy day. 

If there are Extra Magic Hours you can take advantage of after the fireworks show, there are usually no lines at all.
Thank you for reading. 

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  1. We did this with our little teenage adrenaline junkies, they survived the day but we had to skip epcot.


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