Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Global Attractions Attendance Report Released

Attendance Is Up In Theme Parks Globally.

The always interesting to look at annual attendance study finds many park's rising attendance numbers.
The report .pdf can be seen here.

Highest attendance of theme parks in the world.
Most visited amusement parks in the world. USA parks taking seven of the top 13 spots, with China and Japan taking five of the 13 top spots. Interesting to note that the Walt Disney Company did complete a full takeover of the Paris resort in June 2017. Chimelong had large increases across all parks, like all Chinese and Japanese parks.  Data: (c)TEA

Most visited theme parks in the usa
The Top 20 parks visited in the United States. SeaWorld taking the biggest hit, as it has been since the Blackfish backlash. Data: (c)TEA

Most Visited Theme Parks in the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia
Top 20 visited parks in Europe/Africa/Eastern Asia. Alton Towers recovering from the "Smiler" accident backlash that began back in early 2015.  Data: (c)TEA

Six Flags Buys 3 Waterparks and 2 Theme Parks.

Six Flags Purchases 5 New Parks.

The purchase of the 5 new parks means the total number of Six Flags parks is now at 25 in North America. The parks joining the Six Flags family are Wet n’ Wild Splashtown, Houston’s largest waterpark.
Wet n’ Wild Phoenix, the largest waterpark in Arizona.  Darien Lake near Buffalo, NY, which Six Flags used to own. Frontier City, an iconic part of the Oklahoma City landscape. And White Water Bay, near Frontier City.

“'We are thrilled to welcome these outstanding properties and employees into our family of parks and look forward to sharing the thrill of Six Flags with guests of all ages in these key markets,' added Reid-Anderson.
Closing of the transactions contemplated by the agreement is expected to occur in June, 2018 and is subject to customary closing conditions." -Six Flags

Darien Lake has 8 Roller Coasters, including "Tantrum," a 'Euro-Fighter' model coaster, opening this year.

Frontier City boasts 5 roller coasters, including an Arrow Dynamic's Shuttle Loop coaster!

Diamond Back at Frontier City! Photo: (c)Negative G

Animated Carowinds POV "Copperhead Strike" 2019 Coaster. Rumored Layout

Carowinds Proposed Layout POV, Prediction Video.

3 years ago, Thunder Road, a wooden coaster, closed down near the Carolina Harbor water park area to make room for a water park expansion. Not all this land was used for the expansion and after a boat ride closed a nice plot of land was left available for more expansion.

What we based this off of:
With a few leaked photos of the layout circulating the web, we've made a coaster based purely on the heartline and the supports shown on this blurry image below found over on the Reddit roller coaster sub, along with the scale of a leaked layout via Screamscape. The supports give hints at the heights in various areas, as well as the heartline that can be seen. It also mentions a hold during the first launch but not during the second. There seems to be a lot of low to the ground elements at the end, but it is hard to tell.  The layout may be spinning, but for the sake of this video and your viewing pleasure, it is a regular Mack launched coaster.


The layout superimposed over a Carowinds Satellite Image.
The park has filed a copyright for the name Copperhead Strike, could this be the name of the new coaster? MACK is not known for its wild intensity, however, the second half of this ride does seem to be filled with low-to-the-ground turns looking at the rather small supports through the finale section. Which would be an extremely fun ending, let's hope!

Side View
Action View

Action View, from Pathway

Current Clearing via (c)Carowinds Web Cam

Monday, May 21, 2018

An Update on the Slidewheel

4 Slidewheel's Sold Worldwide, and They Look Totally Awesome.

A while back we heard about the new Slidewheel concept. We weren't sure on whether it would be boring or not, but after watching it more and more, it looks totally epic. The engineering is incredible and just fun to see in motion, the Physics are smart and take advantage of riding a ride while also not getting closer to the ground, which leaves more possibilities for a "slide-after-a-slide," as you can see in the incredible product video below.

The Slidewheel at Chimelong, the most visited waterpark in the world. Pic: (c)Slidewheel
Just take a look at the new ride at Chimelong Waterpark, and decide for yourself.

The "blocking" system is innovative, allows for an incredible amount of riders for a raft ride, and the ride looks absolutely stunning. We cannot wait to get on a Slidewheel, "the first rotating and pendulating waterslide worldwide. Made and tested in Germany.  Explore the amazing light system - are you ready to slide?" -wiegand.maelzer GmbH

Interesting Read: Disney's Patent's

Disney's patents are getting to be a bit crazy, and somewhat invasive. How will the future of theme parks be affected by these incredible technologies? Take a look at this article over on blooloop that highlights all the patents Disney is... well.. patenting.

ICON Opens to Select Ticket Holders

ICON at Blackpool Pleasure Beach Opened This Weekend to a Select Group.

Here's what they had to say via Pleasure Beach Experience youtube:

ICON at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in Blackpool, England, opened to some great reviews from boarding card holders. Blackpool Pleasure Beach offered a select amount of guests to ride ICON before it opens to the public for the 2018 season. The VIP Boarding card was 25 Pounds (about $35USD) and entitled you to an exclusive ride on ICON, along with a souvenir certificate.

ICON (c) Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Reviews rang in from a number of different age groups, all positive:
"Smooth as Silk,"
"Not as forceful as I thought it might be, but it's an ideal ride for the park."
"Fantastic, Particularly enjoyed it after the second launch, the first bit is [also] really good."
"It's definitely up there [for best ride in the UK]."
"Number one UK coaster, definitely."
-Pleasure Beach Experience

ICON is a great addition to the park, especially for riders that may not be a fan of the rough nature of classic coasters. The coaster features two launches, two inversions, a height of 88-feet and a top speed of 53 mph. The tight space that the coaster maneuvers around means it interacts with multiple different rides and walkways during its 3,750-feet of track.

ICON opens to the public on May 25.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Tantrum Still Hopes to Open by Memorial Day Weekend?

Tantrum Begins Testing at Darien Lake

Less than one week left to go before Tantrum is expected to open to the public, and with no official word from the park since last month, we're quite sure it will not make it. But there is good news, the ride is testing, but will this be ready in time for the big weekend?

The new cars are on-site and making their rounds! (c)Darien Lake
The coaster, made by Gerstauler, takes riders up a 98-foot vertical lift hill that then drops them at a 97-degree angle back down, shooting riders directly into a pretzel inversion. Reaching speeds of 52 mph, the coaster then travels through the structure over a bunny hop, Immelman loop, and tilted loop.


Parc Asterix Announces New Coaster For 2021.

Parc Asterix in France Announces Launched Coaster for 2021 on TV Show "Sept a Huit."

With no formal details announced, Park Asterix's strategic director Frédéric Dubosc mentioned a new LSM-launched Intamin coaster during a TV show today on channel TF1 out of France.

"Taron" at Phantasialand was highlighted during the TV feature.
"In the meantime, another major project is on track and is already under construction. The French amusement park will propose as a novelty in spring 2019 a 4D simulator, on the theme of a "virtual roller coaster". With a capacity of 300 seats, provided with all the special effects and a screen of 20 meters by 6 meters, the budget allocated to this novelty is 6.5 million euros. 50 seats have already been delivered. It is the specialized Breton company located in Le Rheu, near Rennes, CL Corporation which was in charge of the design. " -wonderworldweb.over-blog.com


American Dream, Miami. Mall Approved.

World's Largest Mall Coming to Miami. Will Include Theme Park.

With more and more malls closing each year, it seems the new-age mall is now here instead, huge entertainment complexes with day's worth of activities in them. New Jersey's American Dream is well underway, as it has been for almost 20 years. And now, before the completion of the large mall near New York City is complete, Miami has announced a mall as well.
Concept Artwork (c)American Dream

The American Dream Miami will feature theme-park attractions, an indoor ski-slope, water park, skating rink, and more. In fact, developers would rather you don't call it a mall, "We’re not building a mall. We’re not in the mall business," said Don Ghermezian, president of Canada-based developer Triple Five to the Tampa Bay Times. "This is a park that is meant to compete with the best parks in America."
Environmentalists are not happy with the mall's close proximity to the Everglade national park. (c)Google
Miami hopes to compete with the growing leisure-based traffic of Orlando with the new project. The mall's location is approximately 50 minutes from Miami according to Google Maps, or about 25 driving miles.

Harley Quinn Coaster Structure Complete

Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster Completes Trackwork.

It's been a while since an update on the Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, not to be confused with the family coaster with a similar name at Six Flags Great Adventure. And we're happy to report that reddit user bdavis27 has posted a picture of the track completed.
The crazy coaster has a very small footprint, allowing it to fit in the smallest of areas. (c) bdavis27
 The roller coaster has a length of just 362 feet, but the two trains travel in unison at 35mph around the length of the track multiple times.

The Skywarp model is by Skyline attractions, which also has plans for many other layouts that can be seen on their website. 

An animation can be seen of the new coaster courtesy of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom below:

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Robin Hood RMC Conversion at Walibi Holland

Robin Hood is closing later this year to transform into an RMC masterpiece. The rough wooden coaster made by Vekoma is one of the few Vekoma wooden coasters remaining.

The ride closes in October for the transformation to take place. Below is a prediction video, just for fun, of what could be of the new ride. The ride is designed in the CAD-based NoLimits 2 program.

What we based this on:
Robin Hood is currently 105 feet tall, the RMC conversion will probably be a bit taller based on previous transformations, so the ride is 115 feet tall in this simulation.

The sim provides many classic Rocky Mountain-elements that have been seen on rides like Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point and the Twisted Cyclone at Six Flags Over Georgia. Wicked Cyclone at Six Flags New England also provided some inspiration.

The ride is taking over a classic out-and-back coaster, so the flat turnarounds have been juiced-up to include 'wavy' elements that provide airtime and in some cases inversions.

With no major helices or other track elements that could be removed like you see on previous conversions, we expect the Rocky Mountain Construction Crew to follow the layout exactly as you see it now, with most hills and turns staying at a similar height to what the Robin Hood ride currently offers.

The ride was created with an overlay from Google Maps to keep the track on the same scale as it currently stands, this is as accurate to scale as possible.
Robin Hood Rocky Mountain Coasters Layout Plan
Overhead Layout

Friday, May 18, 2018

Carowinds New Coaster Layout + Footers Arrive

Carowinds Begins Clearing an Are For A Brand New Roller Coaster.

The 2019 project is well underway as Carowinds clears the area and prepares footers. The footers and layout appear to be by MACK rides out of Germany. Whether the coaster will be spinning like their recent addition to Silver Dollar City is unknown.

Screamscape posted what seems to be the layout earlier this week. (c)Screamscape

Screamscape also took the liberty of placing it on Google Maps so we could see the location and how the layout will fit in. (c)Screamscape

Reddit user dirkdiggler1992 visited the park Friday to find footers for the coaster on site.
Carowinds has also posted a webcam following the construction, which can be seen by following this link.

The coaster is thought to have 2 launches, one into a vertical loop, and the second into a top hat. The coaster is expected to be open for the 2019 season.

Another view of the layout posted by Reddit user jecole85 can be seen below, the supports give us great height references.

Footers Show Up at Kennywood

Something is Coming to Kennywood in 2019, But What?

While it's been speculated for some time that Kennywood would begetting something huge, here's the first step to that being true. While we don't expect it to be North America's largest wooden coaster as some news outlets have written about, we do expect it be major.

The teasing begins on Kennywood's Instagram Page.
As expected, this project is taking place in the former Log Jammer site, which the park shut down last season.

“People always like to see new roller coasters, and there are a lot of enthusiasts around the country that travel to see that,” West Mifflin borough manager Brian Kamauf told KDKA money editor Jon Delano on Friday. “It might be time for Kennywood to do that.”

A coaster is looking to be constructed on part of the 139 acres that runs off the hillside that Kennywood purchased from the Union Railroad a few years ago. -cbslocal
Photo by Screamscape showing large footers being out into place.
The cbslocal.com article mentioned above goes on to talk about a wooden coaster for this plot of land, but these footers do not look to be for wooden supports. We'll just have to wait and see.