Saturday, July 14, 2018

Hyperion at Energylandia Opens To Large Crowds

Hyperion opened at 20:00 local time Saturday, at Energylandia, Poland.

The tallest and fastest coaster in Europe is now open as thousands currently wait in line for their chance to ride the massive coaster. This brings Energylandia's total coaster-count up to 12, with two more planned for the near future.

Twitter videos and photos of the massive crowd were uploaded and can be seen below.

The massive crowd of people as the queue opens for the first time. (@MaMaMaMario)

A brief show takes place marking the opening of the new space-themed coaster. (@ThemeParksEU)

The queue before the ride is Tron-like with bright neon lights around futuristic-style surroundings. (@ThemeParksEU)

More theming along the queue. (@ThemeParksEU)
The ride soars over 250 feet into the air and features an 85-degree drop straight into a tunnel. Reaching speeds up to 87 mph, the new coaster lining the park's parking lot travels over numerous hills and turns, and features water effects and plenty of airtime.

A video embedded below shows the inside queue winding back and forth. A POV of Hyperion can also be seen below.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Incredicoaster Now Open, New POV Shows Changes

Incredicoaster at Disneyland is now open to guests.

The new ride, which actually is a conversion of a coaster that opened in 2001, has completed its retheme to fit into the new Pixar Pier area at Disneyland.

Swoop, swirl, dip and curl in and around Pixar Pier with the epic Parr family!

"Back in the town of Metroville… the local townspeople are dedicating their beloved roller coaster to the Incredibles as a symbol of gratitude for all their heroic efforts. Our honorees are thrilled to attend the inaugural “Incredicoaster” launch, accompanied by iconic super-suit designer Edna Mode, who’s graciously agreed to watch Jack-Jack. But things go awry when the unpredictable baby escapes from Edna’s not-so-watchful eye.

Jack-Jack manifests various superpowers while teleporting from tunnel to tunnel, causing chaos along the way. His family sprints into action to save the day and, just when they think they’ve got a handle on things, he disappears all over again!

Join the Incredibles in their mad dash to catch baby Jack-Jack as he wreaks havoc throughout every inch of this high-speed chase!" -Disneyland

Take a look at the new POV below, which features some new theming and a new soundtrack.

Guess The Coaster: Rockwork

The Rockwork around this portion of coaster looks great, but do you know what coaster it is?

Anaconda, Gold Reef City, South Africa
Hover your mouse over the image for the answer, or long-hold on mobile devices. Hint below if you need it.

Hint: It may be a bit challenging if you are not familiar with coasters outside of the USA, but it's a ride that was built almost 20 years ago at a somewhat well-known theme park.

Ghost Adventures Visits Enchanted Forest Amusement Park Tonight.

Tune into "Ghost Adventures: Enchanted Forest" tonight at 9pm ET for a look into the supposedly haunted amusement park. 

The TV show on the Travel Channel takes a look at Enchanted Forest, a park known for their family-friendly environment and rides. It's the first time the crew has investigated a theme park in their 15-season run.

"Zak and the crew investigate strange phenomena at a beloved amusement park in Turner, Ore. The discovery of a bloody battle on the grounds of the park leads Zak to believe a residual energy could be responsible for the manifestations." -Travel Channel

Interesting Read: "Creating an ICON" takes a look at creating the new ICON ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. It's a very interesting read that reveals details about construction that you may not have known about. Check it out here!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Check Out Episode 6 of "The Making Of" at Toverland.

The Making of Port Laguna and Avalon, Episode 6.

This episode is the best yet, featuring details about Merlin's Quest, the 12-minute dark water ride. Also testing footage of Fenix from angles we've never seen before are in the video. The area looks incredible!

"On 7 July 2018, two brand new magical worlds will open their gates. Our new entrance Port Laguna and the mysterious theme area Avalon will make Toverland more magical than ever.

In this episode we like to take you to the technical completion of the largest expansion in the history of Toverland. You can see the first secrets of our boatride Merlin’s Quest. During this exciting boat ride, suitable for the whole family, you encounter magical surprises." -Toverland

Harry Potter Coaster Update: Islands of Adventure

LIM's installed and lots more track-work complete at Islands of Adventure's new coaster!

Midway Mayhem as well as Bioreconstruct have taken some pictures at ground level and aerial height of the new track that has been placed at Islands of Adventure, revealing more of the Harry Potter layout. Spoilers ahead.

An overview of the new coaster by Midway Mayhem shows the thought-to-be future indoor section to the right, section of track after the first main launch to the left, and the 'forbidden forest' encompassing the middle of the ride. The current station for the Hogwarts Express is the building to the right of the image.

The two arrows in this image by bioreconstruct show the future indoor sections of the ride, where you are thought to 1. see a scene featuring Hagrid, and 2. a drop-track.

Arrow near the suspected entrance of the ride, with low-to-ground section of track nearby. It is thought this may be the only section visible to guests. Photo by bioreconstruct.
The track spike is seen in this image by bioreconstruct. The train is suspected to fall backwards here, just one of the climaxes of the ride.

LIMS closeup by Midway Mayhem

A few weeks back we made a video featuring our concept of what could be for the new ride. Seeing these new track placements does show some errors in our exact layout, but it is still similar in Speed and layout to what we guess the ride to run like. You can view this below if you wish.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Colossos Begins Refurb Work

One of Heide Park's signature attractions begins its reopening process.

Colossos at Heide Park has been SBNO (Standing But Not Operating) since July 2016, and after a year of bumpy rumors, from permanent closure to letting the ride sit un-operational for yet another year, the ride is finally on it's way to becoming it's old self again!

Forum User:
New footers can also be seen in the area, does this signify upcoming changes to the height or layout in certain sections?

The forum thread at feature more pictures by user NiklasHP as well as speculation as what could be being built here, possibly a structure the ride will pass through.
Forum User:
Below a video can be seen from Heide where Thorsten Berwald, Project Manager Heide Park Resort, takes you to the construction site. The Colossos construction site is set up and now it's off to a good start. The old Kerto wooden rails and ledgers are removed. It's an enormous effort that will keep the RCS (Roller Coaster Construction Service Worldwide) team busy over the next few weeks.


Lighting on Slinky Dog Dash Looks Great!

Nighttime lighting packaged revealed for Slinky Dog Dash!

Checkout how bright and colorful the new Toy Story area lights up the night at Hollywood Studios! Nighttime in the new land looks to be incredible, with tracking lights along the coaster track and dancing lights on the swirling saucer ride looking fun and fresh. 

The toys lit up against the night sky really pop and show their colors excellently! Video and Pictures: (c)Disney Parks
The toys around the coaster area are brightly lit and look sharp and colorful, a perfect fit for the Toy Story area. The video also talks about the incredible toys and some new delicious food and drink for the area. Take a look below.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Infinity Falls at SeaWorld Spotted Testing?

Infinity Falls at SeaWorld Spotted Testing?

SeaWorld begins Testing Infinity Falls.

Just weeks after the last major update, it seems Infinity Falls has a raft on track! This picture found on twitter of the raft on top of the major drop seems to be at the exit of the elevator lift.

The ride is expected to be surrounded by a luscious jungle environment and features a 40-foot drop, 14 eight-person round rafts, and 1520-feet of exciting rapids including a couple drops, one being the worlds largest drop on a river raft ride.

Update: Water on track:
Midway Mayhem

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Hyperion at Energylandia continues Clearance Testing

Hyperion began clearance testing a few days ago, real testing up next!

Hyperion at Energylandia is looking to be quite the ride. Testing the clearance of the train is still in progress at the moment, with a video below of the work going on. The video by Paweł Patyk also shows some nice details on what the 4-across cars will look like.

The blue, white, and black trains on the sleek all-black track. (c)Pawel Patyk 

The opening date for the coaster has not yet been released by the park, but it's looking to be one of the most exciting layouts for a Hyper that we've seen in quite some time. The ride soars over 250 feet into the air and features an 85-degree drop straight into a tunnel. Reaching speeds up to 87 mph, the new coaster lining the park's parking lot travels over numerous hills and turns, and will feature water effects and plenty of airtime.
The layout features an 85-degree drop, tunnels, and plenty of Negative G's.
The park, which opened in 2014, will have 12 roller coasters once the new ride opens to the public, and already has two more E-ticket coasters planned for 2020, including Europe's first I-box coaster by Rocky Mountain Construction. Hyperion was created by Intamin, a Swiss attractions design company.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Universal Studios Announces Nighttime Show, No Official Date Yet.

The new nighttime show at Universal Studios Florida is officially announced.

A couple weeks ago the night show was accidentally leaked on Universal's own website, But today the official announcement has been made.

The new viewing area and fountain grid have been built quite quickly this year to allow 650-guests the best viewing place in a tiered viewing stage in the Central Park area of Universal Studios.

Artwork by Universal Orlando

"There’s a moment where a Dementor enters the sequence, and during that projection, we are going to freeze the buildings of New York. You will see ice form on all those building facades as the Dementors take their place in the lagoon," Aiello (The shows designer) said. "Then of course Harry is going to show up and you get that amazing ‘expecto patronum’ moment and all is well. Then we drop banners of each of the Hogwarts houses onto the facades through our media."
The fountains are currently testing at Universal Studios, with tiered viewing area on the right side of the image (c)bioreconstruct
"Starting this Summer, nights at Universal Studios Florida will be brighter and bolder than ever as music from the world's biggest films fills the air and scores of dancing fountains erupt. Massive walls of water blaze with epic movie moments and powerful projections bring the entire waterfront into the movies. You'll see and hear roaring dinosaurs from Jurassic World, feel the adrenaline rush of high-speed cars from Fast and Furious, watch the mischievous antics of the Minions from Despicable Me, and so much more. Don't miss the amazing new show that's lighting up select nights all year long." -Universal Studios

A video is also embedded below of the fountains testing.

Guess the Coaster: In The Commercial

Was watching a deodorant advert and there pops up some rides. To the right there's two clear coasters in this image. Bonus points if you get both.

Shambhala and Dragon Khan, Port Aventura
Hover over the image for the answer, or long-hold if on mobile. Hint below if you need it.

Hint: B&M make both coasters.