Loews Portofino Bay Hotel - Review


Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Studios Resort

★ 5/5

My personal new favourite vacation spot in the Orlando area, relax when you want to relax, party when you want to party. This is the hotel to experience Universal Studios Resort in.
Somewhere you can park and not get back in the car the whole vacation is what truly feels like a vacation to me.
Portofino Outside the Hotel
Where you catch the boat for Universal City Walk + Theme Parks.
I'm unsure where to start with this great hotel. You can spend a whole day here relaxing, and if you wish to experience City Walk, it is a short boat ride or walk away. This is where to vacation! Plenty of restaurants to choose from, 3 pools, each more private and secluded than the last. (Usually, 2 pools are open unless you're visiting during a busy season).

Atmosphere: ★ 5/5
The class runs through this hotel everywhere, but being at a theme park resort, you can relax in your shorts and sandals as you experience the place.
Relaxed and quiet throughout, with a pool area full of energy and kids. If you're looking for another pool area, Universal also allows pool hopping, so if you want more action, head over to Royal Pacific or Hard Rock Hotel for the day instead! You'll experience different food and events at all the hotels. The smaller size of the Portofino hotel leaves it never over crowded. 

Universal Orlando Resort, Portofino bay.
Harbour Nights at Portofino add some live shows on certain dates with a striking setting.
Pool/Recreation Areas: ☆ 4/5
Great blend of Private Pools with Party Pools. The third pool is unthemed and usually closed, but it is not needed. There's a couple hot tubs and also a waterslide! What more could you need? Bocce ball courts are available and there are activities for kids scheduled throughout the day. 

the Villa Pool at Universal Studios
The Villa Pool, deeper pool, and more secluded. Pool service available, but you may have to get up to go get someone.
Service: ★ 5/5
Universal-service. Pool side service can be slow, but is quick once they know you want some food.

Rooms:  3/5
Who cares about rooms, you'll rarely ever be in it, because the hotel has so much space to offer and different areas that you can relax elsewhere. You are at Universal Studios... 
Overall, they are your general hotel rooms unless you fork over another 100+ dollars a night. Nothing more to say, it's a hotel, they are not all suites.

A deluxe queen room.

Cleanliness:  4/5
Some beach chairs and tables might be dirty from a previous guest, they could be quicker on that, but overall this place is very clean unless they get too busy. Rooms are great and common areas are as well.

Overall: ★ 5/5
Quite possibly the best theme park hotel I've ever stayed at. Its small downfalls are heavily outweighed by everything else.

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