2020 Universal Studios Orlando Crowd Calender

Free Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure Crowd Calendar.

When to visit Orlando and Universal Studios for the lowest crowds? Usually out of season, although less special events, will bring the lowest crowds. This crowd calendar is based on park events, national holidays, universities and the K-12 school year, and our numerous personal experiences at the park. Unlike other crowd calendars, we use previous years' real crowd-level data and our extensive knowledge of the parks to update our calendar as frequently as possible.

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Any further details under each month will be explained, if you have any questions regarding your travel dates, please use the comments section below to ask us! We personally respond to your questions usually within a few hours!

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Slow: These periods tend to have the lowest crowd levels, but sometimes this means that one or two rides will be down for maintenance, common over the winter/non-holiday periods, usually found within September-March. Wait times should be under an hour for even the most popular rides.

Moderate: Also common over the winter months, wait times are generally under an hour, but the one or two most popular attractions will be over an hour wait, nights and early mornings are still calm and easy to get a lot of rides in.

Busy: Top tier attractions will have over an hour wait, paths start to feel crowded, but you can still do a full theme park in one day if you plan to stay all day.

Busier: Paths are very crowded, it gets hard to move around in the most popular areas of the parks, in the early morning the most popular rides' queues may overflow out into the pathways. Best to arrive an hour early if planning to ride the most popular attraction first. Less popular attractions start to see waits around an hour long. Express passes are suggested.

Busiest: Usually unable to do everything in the park in a single day, it's best to have a plan in place or express passes. Arriving at the park at least an hour early is needed to go on the most popular ride without a wait (Hagrid). The most popular rides may have queues overflowing into the pathways. 2 or 3+ hour waits can occur on the most sought after attractions.

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