"Gale Force" Loses a Couple Test Dummies During Testing


New Jersey Shore Roller Coaster Loses Test Dummies from Ride Cars.

Gale Force has had its number of problems over the years, including replacing sections of track, to re-tracking the entire ride after one operational season. The S&S prototype coaster located at Castaway Cove, Ocean City, New Jersey had another small mishap earlier this month where test dummies flew off the coaster, landing on the roof of a nearby hotel. No one was injured in the mishap.
Galeforce at Castaway Cove, (c)CNN
“Obviously it’s not something that would ever happen with a person in it,” Hartley said. “You know you don’t lose rigidity in a person. The lap bar comes down. You’re secured in there.” Hartley told NBC10

The dummies had leaks in the tubes which caused them to lose rigidity and fall out of the restraints.

Hartley went on to tell reporters that roofing repair men were on the scene in an hour working to fix the hotel shingles. Galeforce is expected to be open under normal operating conditions this weekend.

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