Gale Force to be Re-Tracked, Again!?


Gale Force at Castaway Cove, New Jersey to be Re-Tracked for 2019.

Gale Force is currently in the process of going through another re-track after never opening for the 2016 season. The first re-track slightly changed the shaping of certain elements to make it more comfortable for the rider. This re-track is to smooth out transitions from track piece to track piece, as they are said to not line up 100% correct. This should create a smoother coaster for riders. 
The coaster is beginning to look just like it did last winter!
“It was a little bumpy,” Brian Hartley, the amusement park’s vice president, said in an interview Monday. “The rails were a little off by a hair in aligning with each other, so it was not as smooth as we wanted.” DCA spokeswoman Tammori Petty said there was an “alignment issue” between the roller coaster’s car and the magnetic drive system that propels the vehicle.
“The tolerance between the car and the drive system required that the operator check the clearance frequently. With better track alignment such checks will be less frequent. The safety of the ride was never in question,” Petty said in an email Monday. -ocnjdaily
The coaster is beginning to look just like it did last winter!
Quite unheard of for a coaster to be re-tracked in back to back off-seasons. It is a prototype but I would expect more out of S&S, the ride's manufacturer. It should also be said that S&S is covering the costs for the re-track to take place, who is taking a big hit over one small boardwalk ride. Gale Force received quite good reviews over the summer season, I was never able to get over that way to check it out.
Out with the old.

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