Steel Vengeance Closed for the Day. Expected to Reopen Tomorrow.


Steel Vengeance did not open today at Cedar Point.

Steel Vengeance, considered by many to be the most anticipated new ride of 2018, was not open to the public today. The park did not give a reason publicly.

The park has been running one train during park operation since the incident on opening day, instead of the three trains that it should be operating with. Thoughts are that the other two trains now must complete a rigorous testing cycle together to be able to re-operate with the public on board.

The expected closure is based on the fact that the ride is cycling multiple trains today so that it can open tomorrow with two trains for the public to ride. Cedar Point Fanclub confirmed earlier today that the ride is in fact running two trains.  This will help the long lines and possibly remove the boarding pass system that has been in place.

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