One Train Operation Removes Fast Lane from Steel Vengeance


Cedar Point has made decision to pull Steel Vengeance from Fast Lane Plus Offering. 

In a move which is quite straightforward, Cedar Point has removed Steel Vengeance from their Fast Lane Plus offering, something enthusiasts noticed yesterday morning. This will be a tough blow to parkgoers that pre-purchased the fast lanes prior to this coming weekend. The park has also been using a timed-boarding pass system due to the one train operation.

"Because wait times for Steel Vengeance will be longer than normal, and to permit as many guests to ride as possible, we may institute a timed “boarding pass” that gives you a time to return to get into the regular line. Note that this is not for immediate access – it only gives you a time to enter the line.
Going forward, if we implement boarding passes, we will notify you on our official Twitter, including the time they will be distributed. Boarding passes must be obtained near the ride entrance and are available on a first-come, first-served basis." -Tony Clark
Guests can receive a refund from Guest Services if they no longer wish to purchase the Fast Lane.
There is no word on when the ride may go back to its full 3-train operation. 
You can view the full Fast Lane and Fast Lane Plus offerings below:
Cedar Point Fast Lane and Plus Offerings Steel Vengeance

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