What is the Status of Colossos at Heide Park?


Colossos' Roller Coaster Status Does Not Look Good.

UPDATE, January 14, 2018: Colossos will reopen in 2019 after an extensive 12 Million Euro Rehab Project!

UPDATE, Rehab work begins.

Original Article:

Is It the End for One of Intamins Excellent Wooden Pre-fabs? No reopening date and a possibility of never reopening. Looks like Colossos may go the way of its own apocalyptic theme.
"As it turned out last season, the exchange of rails is necessary in our beloved Colossos wooden railway. Since this is a very complex process, Colossos will not be able to resume operations in the 2017 season. Still, we can not name a specific date. Further details on the return of Colossos will be announced when all audit and decision-making processes have been completed." - Heide Park
According to PretParken.de, the status does not look good for Colossos. To the point where it may never run again. How sad would it be to lose one of the 4 Intamin Prefabs in the world? Very.
Will Colossos go the way of it's own apocalyptic theme?
The future of Europe's largest wooden rollercoaster does not look good. Colossos in Heide-Park needs a hefty repair. The park, therefore, is considering various scenarios, including the demolition of the iconic ride. This is evidenced by a new conversation with the park and a German fansite.
"Europe's largest wooden roller coaster has been unoperational since July 2016 for urgent maintenance and repair work. Early this year, Heide Park announced that Colossos will remain closed throughout 2017. Many details could not be released, but a spokesman from the park could tell us that "it's a replacement of the roller coaster rails, which is a very cumbersome job," said the spokeswoman.
"Last weekend, a conversation took place with the fansite "Freizeitpark-Welt" and some of Heide-Park's managers. The park will come out with an official ruling on the future of Colossos at the end of this year. It was also said that the repair of the roller coaster is accompanied by a repair cost which amounts to a large amount of money. The park, as well as parent company Merlin Entertainments and their investors, will decide what decision they will take. There are currently different scenarios on the table, including breaking down the ride and replacing it with a brand new attraction." -Text Translated as best as possible: Credit: © Yelle Kleykens - Pretparken.be // Photo: © Pretparken.be and Heide-Park // Source: Freizeitpark-Welt
The ride, especially during this pictured section, features a layout similar to El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure
If the status here is that bad, we may be down to a few Intamin Prefabs, These coasters are all extremely highly rated, and it will be a huge disappointment to see something so incredible go, seems the infestation of bugs really did a toll on this ride.

Colossus' closure was very out-of-the-blue. Let's hope Heide finds a way to get this thing back open, as it is a huge draw for all coaster fans, and has always been on my list of must-rides. Maybe RMC will come and re-track and re-build it for cheaper. It really takes Heide Park to another level and will be a big blow to them if they are unable to find a suitable replacement or fix the ride ASAP.


  1. Merlin, ruining the best coasters

  2. If they're actually thinking of getting rid of this, Merlin's reputation will be even shittier than it is now. Although they are better than Six Flags.... -----but that isn't saying much. Please Merlin, don't turn into the Six Flags of Europe.


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