Colossos Begins Refurb Work


One of Heide Park's signature attractions begins its reopening process.

Colossos at Heide Park has been SBNO (Standing But Not Operating) since July 2016, and after a year of bumpy rumors, from permanent closure to letting the ride sit un-operational for yet another year, the ride is finally on it's way to becoming it's old self again!

Forum User:
New footers can also be seen in the area, does this signify upcoming changes to the height or layout in certain sections?

The forum thread at feature more pictures by user NiklasHP as well as speculation as what could be being built here, possibly a structure the ride will pass through.
Forum User:
Below a video can be seen from Heide where Thorsten Berwald, Project Manager Heide Park Resort, takes you to the construction site. The Colossos construction site is set up and now it's off to a good start. The old Kerto wooden rails and ledgers are removed. It's an enormous effort that will keep the RCS (Roller Coaster Construction Service Worldwide) team busy over the next few weeks.


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