Liseberg's NEW "OCEANA" Waterpark - Construction Update & Hard Hat Tour


The new waterpark "Oceana" at Liseberg in Gothenburg, Sweden is quickly taking shape as workers continue constructing slides, adding small details, and finishing the many pools at the indoor water-theme park. We take a look inside and learn about the details and theming of the park, the slides, and what to expect. Including the first six-person raft rides in Europe, and the highest mega-drop Master Blaster in the World. 

The water park will have a unique theme, inspired by Gothenburg's history and the Swedish East India Company. The park has been designed by one of Sweden’s leading architects, WingĂ„rdhs, and the water attractions will be designed and manufactured by WhiteWater. Opening 2024.

The story of the Grand Curiosa Hotel, the other half of the massive anniversary project, with the Oceana project being the second half:

"Agnes and Mr Daler lived in Gothenburg in the mid-eighteenth century. Agnes came from a reputable and well-to-do family and had a passionate desire for adventure, as well as the ability to see beauty in everything around her. Her husband, Mr Daler, came from a very different background. He was a successful businessman with exceptional vision, although his success may have entailed one or two shady deals.

Agnes was driven by a desire for adventure and thanks to their business contacts in the Swedish East India Company she had the opportunity to travel the world many times. The idea was that she should find business opportunities on her travels, but what she actually brought back was something quite different. Instead, when she stepped ashore her arms were filled with curiosities, remarkable items and magical experiences.

Agnes loved talking about her collection and her experiences, and people loved to listen. Sometimes it was hard to tell whether they were poetry or fact, but that did not matter. Agnes had the knack of enchanting even the most sceptical listener. As her travels continued, her collection kept on growing. They had to extend the house several times to make space for all her treasures." -Liseberg

These treasures are found all throughout the hotel and into the entrance of the Oceana waterpark.

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