Thorpe Park "Project Exodus" POV Rendering


Thorpe Park's brand new roller coaster addition is in the planning stages to start construction in 2022. 4K POV On-Ride. The "Project Exodus" roller coaster is slated to be the tallest and fastest in the UK when it opens in the 2023 or 2024 season at the amusement park near London, England. All the details, renderings and a site plan can be found on the Thorpe Park website. The roller coaster will be 72m (236ft) high, making it the tallest roller coaster in the UK, and likely the fastest as well, beating out its neighbor, STEALTH. Plans can easily change from these early stages, and an official announcement is yet to be made, but this is an unofficial look at what the coaster could look like, and give you an idea of where it is situated in the theme park. The station for the roller coaster is near the old Canada Creek Railway station. Similar to Untamed at Walibi Holland, the ride takes an outer banked turn to the lift hill. Other features include a vertical 180-degree spinning drop, lots of hangtime, airtime, and an outerbanked turn at approximately 90-degrees that then flips under itself, it's the first of its kind on a ride of this type. Watch the POV below:


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