Maxx Force Opens Today, the USA's Fastest Acceleration.


Maxx Force Opens at Six Flags Great America July 4

Maxx Force opens today, featuring the fastest acceleration in the USA, a mind blowing 0-78mph in 1.8 seconds! The S&S-made roller coaster features a compressed air launch.
Maxx Force (Photo: The Chain Lift)
"Introducing the triple, record-breaking launch coaster, Maxx Force! This revolutionary new coaster will be the fastest (acceleration) launch coaster in North America! Reach speeds of 78 miles per hour in under two seconds on this incredible record-breaker, featuring the fastest inversion and tallest double inversion of any roller coaster in the world." -Six Flags
Take a ride along with Marcus Leshock of WGN News below, featuring some great on and off ride shots of the new coaster.

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