Testing Underway at Walibi Holland's "UNTAMED" + Real POV


Testing begins as trains make their way around Untamed's twisted track, Walibi Holland. And a real POV.

Untamed's first test run took place yesterday, with the train making its way around the track and through the five inversion layout flawlessly. Check out the testing video below where you can see the cars traverse through the signature 270-degree, double-inverting corner stall!

Untamed is the first hybrid coaster with 5 inversions, and the first to feature a double-inverting corner stall, and element that twists riders one way, then reverses them in the other direction, all while the track is also turning to the left. (A mirror of the video can be seen here if you are having trouble viewing above.)

Below is the official POV of the new ride! Looks even better on-ride!

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