Teasing begins for 2020 Busch Gardens Attraction


Busch Gardens Williamsburg To Reveal Details on 7-30-2019.

It's no secret Busch Gardens Williamsburg has something planned for the 2020 season. With land clearing currently taking place near Festa Italia, the new coaster is said to be an Intamin-made quadruple-launch coaster, with forward and backward motion. It will also include a quick-switch track, much like Hagrid's Motorbike at Universal Orlando, albeit a much faster roller coaster.

Fans will finally have details on the new project, dubbed #MMXX, with an announcement planned for July 30.  The park has been quite conservative with its recent additions in past years, and has also received quite a bit of backlash after closing a one of a kind, highly-themed dark ride, "Curse of DarKastle," so it's great to see a large addition to the park.
Land clearing at Busch Gardens Williamsburg (@TheKingsJourney)
Below we've made a POV of what the new ride could look like, based on factual plans and details that have been leaked. Take a look!

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