SeaWorld Orlando Hints at Next Big Project


SeaWorld Orlando Confirms New 2020 Roller Coaster with Teaser.

SeaWorld Orlando has just confirmed it will be adding a sixth coaster to the park. The teaser video features "cool" facts regarding the ride, including that it will "take you to predatory heights," and "let you experience plunging thrills."

The new ride constructor isn't 100% confirmed but is believed to be "Premier Rides," who just opened "Tigris" at sister-park Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

Public permits were also released showing the footer placements and layout of the new ride, seen below, which will be located near the "Mango Joe's" restaurant inside the park. The custom-layout, full-circuit ride is said to feature a "Scorpion Tail" shaped track spike, multiple forward and backward launches, as well as a switch track to help with capacity.

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