Kings Island's Next Coaster will be Biggest Yet + Animated POV


Kings Island's new-for-2020 coaster is a 300-foot drop beast.

Plans recently uncovered feature a massive new coaster set to take the place of the previous "Dinosaurs Alive" attraction, and "Firehawk" roller coaster at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio.

While it's actually the shortest "Giga" coaster in the world (A coaster that reaches over 300 feet), height isn't everything as this speed machine veers out towards the Beast and back towards Flight of Fear in its route, taking the record for tallest coaster at Kings Island.

With a 300+ foot drop expected, overbanked-turns, and high-speed airhills, the coaster is tallest at Kings Island and is rumored to open at the start of the 2020 season. The layout of "Polaris" shown here is from official plans, built to scale with heights and top/bottom drop marks matched exactly with the plans from the park, it is unaffiliated with the park and unofficial. Check it out!

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