Zadra at Energylandia Construction Update.


Zadra lift hill in place, more track placed.

Testing Attractions recently posted this incredible aerial image of the new RMC coming to Energylandia later this year. A bit of a setback occurred during earlier construction, but it looks like they're right back on track! No word from the park on whether or not they plan to have the coaster open during the 2019 season.

The final inversion of the ride is seen to the left of the image, with the lift hill being erected and surrounding structure rising fast.  Photo by Testing Attractions.
The far structure in this photo was the main victim in the major collapse two months ago, which we still have yet to see rise back to the height we've previously seen it at.

Zadra is the World's first ground-up IBox hybrid roller coaster from Rocky Mountain Construction. It has a planned length of 4,265 feet, a height of 196 ft, top speed of 71mph, and 3 inversions.

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