Step Aside Zumanjaro, ICON Park Reveals Plans for the World's Tallest Drop Tower


World's Tallest Drop Tower Coming to ICON Park, Orlando.

Drop tower fans rejoice, the Theme Park Capital of the World, Orlando, is getting the World's tallest drop tower and World's tallest Slingshot ride right at ICON Park off International Drive, situated in between Universal Studios and Walt Disney World.

The new sign outside The Wheel at ICON Park states "The World's Tallest Slingshot Ride and Drop Tower Coming to ICON Park." It will join many other attractions in the area including two, massive, skyline-altering structures at ICON: The World's tallest swing ride at 420 feet, and 'The Wheel' at 400 feet.
(c)Midway Mayhem
Currently, the World's tallest drop is Zumanjaro at 415 feet (126 m) tall in Jackson, New Jersey, at Six Flags Great Adventure, the ride is attached to the existing Kingda Ka roller coaster, which currently stands as the World's tallest roller coaster.

A video of the construction site and new signage by Midway Mayhem can be seen below:

Update: ICON Park has officially released the tower height at 400 feet, so it will hold the record of "Tallest Freestanding Drop Tower," as the other models that are taller are attached to previously built structures.

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  1. Parks always stretching the truth a little bit, ICON seems to be struggling with all it's name changes and attempts at different advertising techniques.


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