Rumor Mill: Don't Expect Hagrid Soft Openings? Is Hagrid's Motorbike More Intense Than Originally Thought?


Rumors begin flying around for why Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure stalled testing and has not soft opened.

With testing at a standstill for almost a week now, and "planned" soft openings and employee previews not taking place, construction walls remain at the Hagrid Motorbike roller coaster site, with no signs of activity behind the walls.
Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure Teaser Poster (Universal Orlando)
So what is going on? We do not know, but we've got two main rumors that are going around:

1. Hagrid was meant to be a family coaster, but Universal feels it is too intense, so they're talking with Intamin about what could be done to make it more comfortable to guests.
2. Quick transitions and more forces on the train than originally believed have caused some stress on portions of the cars and wheels to wear down quicker.

Neither of these rumors are from official sources, and are simply what the word of mouth is at the coaster site and around the enthusiast community.

So what do we think? It's quite normal for changes to take place during a testing period, and with the excitement of such a high-tech, one-of-a-kind ride, one person says something and it spreads to hundreds of others in no time. There are testing periods in place for a reason. There's no reason to worry about a delayed opening or launches that could be slowed down just yet. It's a possibility, but there are other ways to remedy the problem.

Maybe the coaster is getting a harder wheel compound and some stronger components to cope with the higher stress. Sure it's possible Hagrid will open with a capacity that isn't as high as Universal would like, this is an Intamin first-of-its-kind after all... we can expect some bumps in the road. Remember that this thing has a unique fast-switch track, a double drop-track, and SEVEN launches, that's a lot going on! There's no reason to worry about a later opening date, they'll be on time.

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