Robin Hood's Replacement "Untamed" Nears Completion


"UNTAMED" at Walibi Holland is nearing completion,
just the final return run incomplete.

The new RMC coaster and first in the Netherlands is coming close to a full circuit. The ride features never-before-seen elements including a unique double inverting, 270-degree corner stall. The ride goes through 5 inversions during its 3,500+ foot layout, reaching speeds over 57mph.

The overview of the new coaster. The queue can be seen with a piece of the old roller coaster in place! (Walibi Holland)

The double-inverting corner stall is a brand new, showstopping element from RMC. (Scott Bravenboer)

The back half of the ride seen in the foreground, with a double down airhill taken during the return trip. (Scott Bravenboer)

Headed back towards the double inverting turn, a small airhill is starting to be put into place. (Scott Bravenboer)
Walibi Holland's 7th coaster, UNTAMED, is due to open July 1, 2019!

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