New Plans for SeaWorld Orlando's 2020 Roller Coaster!


Details Uncovered for SeaWorld Orlando Coaster, 2020.

A premier launch coaster near the Mago Joe's restaurant has been rumored to be coming to SeaWorld Orlando for quite some time now, and today have found out details of the new project thanks to a public records request.

All the details from these plans can be found over on The Coaster Kings website by following this link.

"Immediately after leaving the station is an area labeled “switch”, which is what we assume to be a track switch that will slide the train to the right, and into the launch track. At the back end of the launch track, near Shamu Stadium, are a series of ride footers...(read more)"

Plans for the new coaster (Pic: TheCoasterKings)
The ride is said to feature a "scorpion tail" spike, curving riders inwards and inverted during the multi-launch beginning of the ride.

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