Hakugei (白鯨 White Whale) On-Ride Point of View Video.


Hakugei Debuts to Great Reactions at Nagashima Spa Land, POV Video.

Hakugei is officially open and guests are getting their firsts rides in! Hakugei (白鯨 White Whale) is Manufacturer Rocky Mountain Construction's new for 2019 roller coaster at Nagashima Spa Land! The first RMC in Asia!

Enjoy this front row and incredible off-ride shots of the attraction. The coaster's reaction has been positive and seems to have shocked riders. Reviews are coming in mentioning how truly terrifying it is to only have lap bars and go upside down, something many of the public have not seen before.

The ride makes use of the old White Cyclone wooden roller coaster structure and adds blue steel I-Box track. It transforms the coaster from a rough wooden ride to a smooth-as-butter steel coaster. It features an 80-degree drop and a top speed of 67 miles per hour. Another fantastic ride by RMC and the company's latest roller coaster to open.

Hakugei is also available with an express entrance to an assigned row for people who would like to ride without waiting for an extra charge. Nagashima Spa Land is located in Mie Prefecture, Kuwana, Japan. One thing we know for sure is the new roller coaster is a hit and creating a lot of buzz around the area!

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