Busch Gardens Williamsburg, 2020 POV (Concept)


Busch Gardens Williamsburg - New for 2020 Roller Coaster (Video)

Busch Gardens Williamsburg has quite the coaster up their sleeves for the 2020 season. Said to be the fastest in the park at top speeds of 76 miles per hour, it's another coaster added to the Williamsburg collection that has a signature element at the river, this time going face to face with Verbolten at the river's edge.

With Intamin going off-script on the new Parc Asterix coaster for 2021, this really could be a lot of different things layout-wise, It's hard to tell exactly what is going on after the first launch, and assuming that the elements are taken at a semi-slow pace, it could be quite a few different things. But what we can make out from these footers placements is almost certainly a top hat with a 90-degree twist on the way up and a nice river fly-by on the way down. 

Check out all the details below!

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