American Dream Meadowlands Mall - Sandy's Blasting Bronco POV


Nickelodeon Universe Indoor Theme Park at Meadowlands is nearing completion!

With completion coming to a close, we take a closer look at Sandy's Blasting Bronco roller coaster, the Intamin prototype that will be seen from the highway and the main focal point of the theme park from the outside windows.

The Blasting Bronco coaster is part of the new Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park opening in 2019. One of five roller coasters coming to the complex, it's a new design that goes forwards and backward. It is unknown to the public what the top speed of the ride will be, but details of a turntable at the station have been announced that take riders on the same journey, but backward. Each car holds up to 12 riders. Other coaster's at the Meadowlands include a 121-degree drop, a spinning coaster, a family coaster, and an Intamin half-pipe coaster (Surfrider model). The American Dream Mall has gone through many cancellations and reinventions in the past decades. The entertainment complex will have a full indoor theme park, ski resort, and more once it opens to the public.

The exact mode the ride will launch riders is unknown, but based on the height and placement of the launch system, it seems that just one launch is enough to propel riders through the course of the track. This animated POV is created with No Limits, based on official plans of the ride and the announcement at a recent conference. 

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