Ride Makeover's for Tivoli's 2019 Season.


Tivoli will be receiving a number of ride-makeovers and upgrades for the 2019 park season.

13.5 Million Euors will be spent in upgrading some of Tivoli's classic rides. The park in central Copenhagen is known for it's charm and beauty, and is one of the parks Walt Disney himself used as inspiration for Disneyland.

Among the upgrades, the kid-friendly roller coaster "Karavanen" will be retired and replaced by a similar ride longer in length.

The parks powered roller coaster "Odinexpressen," will also be replaced by a larger coaster named "mælkevejen" or "Milky Way." The ride is expected to open for Christmas 2019. "The theme for the ride is similar to that of the Star Flyer, Aquila, and Tik Tak, which is strongly inspired by the idea of a journey of discovery, whether in the stars, in the world of science, or in time! The ride speeds past planets, stars and galaxies. As the icing on the cake, the new roller coaster will be slightly less noisy thanks to new technology." themeparks-eu

Read about all the updates to Tivoli Gardens, including an addition to the drop tower which includes tilting seats, over on ThemeParks-EU.com

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