What If Kings Island's "Racer" was RMC'd?


RMC Conversions are becoming more popular every year, so what could be done to Racer at Kings Island?

Kings Island's Racer is a classic, from being featured on TV shows to adults sharing their memories with their kids, it's holding a lot of memories.

This conversion proved to be a bit more difficult than others due to the lower hill heights and straight-forward layout of the two tracks. So I used the current support heights of the Racer and a to-scale satellite image to create something realistic that I feel Rocky Mountain Construction could make work and turned this straightforward layout into something interesting and twisted. It turns left and right instead of staying straight throughout most of its layout, giving more of an original, wild, out of control design.

The coaster changes position throughout and also duels with its counterpart during the ride. Classic red color trains are kept and the RMC-blue is used as the track color. Features are two dueling "stacked" wave turns, 3 inversions total, a height increase of 8 feet, and an all-new Mobius layout with one-of-a-kind right and left side layouts that the rider experiences without getting off the ride.

The racer has been rumored this summer as possibly getting the steel ibox treatment much like Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point. What do you think? Will racer ever get the RMC Conversion, and would you welcome the change, or just wish they'd leave it alone?

Check out our conversion concept POV below:


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