Energylandia's "Zadra" RMC Coaster Details + POV


Zadra details released during a recent Energylandia conference!

Energylandia has quite the lineup of coasters already, 12 total in fact, with one being Hyperion, one of the most expensive rides built for 2018 in the world. But the biggest amusement park in Poland has more up their sleeves, and here's what's planned next!
Photo: Skyscraper City
The world's first ground-up IBox hybrid roller coaster from Rocky Mountain Construction is opening in 2020. With a planned length of 4,265 feet, a height of 196 ft, top speed coming in at 71mph, and 3 inversions; it's a monster. The almost 2-minute long ride features a stall, zero-g rolls, and plenty of airtime. There's so much info in the Skyscraper City forums we recommend reading through if you are interested in more info!

The new coaster at Energylandia translates to "Splinter" and is part of an all-new expansion. The coaster is joined by multiple other attractions including a dark ride, monorail, and a family roller coaster created by Vekoma. Take a ride on the (unofficial) animated POV of the ride we've created!

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