Abandoned Disney's Discovery Island - New Footage!


New Footage Surfaces of Disney's Discovery Island - 2018

An old exhibit sign explains the Blue Poison Dart Frog to guests.
19 years after its closure, footage from Disney's Abandoned Discovery Island has surfaced on YouTube, giving us another look at the Island since last year's visit by a different YouTuber. Calender's still read 1999, items are still pinned to cork boards in near perfect condition, and animal cages are left to rot.
An old covered walkway.
The Standard Stealth channel spends the night on the island, and the entire next day, before heading back to the main shore on an inflatable kayak in a nasty thunderstorm. The footage is not as shaky as previous footage seen, and gives us a great look at the island during the day. Unfortunately it seems like the elevated bridges through Avian Way are no longer standing, possibly due to the storm from last September that hit the Orlando area.
The elevated bridges of Avain Way once took guests through the bird sanctuary with an elevated view. These are no longer accessible, the urban explorer climbed a support of the old bridges to get this picture.
It seems exploring the island is becoming a bit more prevalent since the visit of Matt Sonswa last year, which was the first recorded footage of the island for quite some time.
Trees and an old pathway taken over by nature.
As always, it's incredible to see nature take over something, with no graffiti and minimal destruction by humans. Check out the video below and the Standard Stealth YouTube channel.

Standard Stealth

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