RMC Gwazi, 2020, Confirmed?


Is an RMC Gwazi finally on its way to Busch Gardens Tampa for 2020?

"To further solidify Busch Gardens reign as Florida’s thrill ride leader, more news is on the horizon – a second new thrill ride will be coming to the Gwazi area of the park in 2020. To learn more and be the first to know about construction updates, new events and future announcements, fans can join the social conversation using #TakeOnTigris on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram." -Busch Gardens Tampa

During a press conference to release the all-new Tigris, Busch Gardens may have revealed a bit too much, "with Gwazi's existence it's always been a little bit of a Rocky ride, so we decided we're going to go ahead and revamp Gwazi into a new attraction. Now I can't give anymore information than that, but I can tell you that your going to be holding onto your seats. It's going to be an awesome ride, it's going to be thrilling, you're going to love it." Busch Gardens Project Manager, Andrew Schaffer said. "More information is coming on that in the coming months."

This statement, with the words "rocky" and "revamp," almost 100% confirm the transformation of the Gwazi coaster into an RMC creation. RMC ibox track is known for its smooth ride that features twists, turns, and inversions that transform wooden coasters into steel rides.

Check out our "What Could Be" animated concept video of Gwazi!

The name “Twisted Tigers” was also filed for trademark with the names “Tigris” and “Uproar” back in late March , so we can assume this will be the name of the new Gwazi coaster, and that it will still feature two dueling tigers. Whether the track will be Mobius or kept as two separate tracks is unknown.
RMC ibox track (c)RMC
"Rocky Mountain Construction Group was formed in 2001 by Fred Grubb and Suanne Dedmon. With over 20 years in the coaster and theme park industry, Fred is an out of the box thinker who is constantly inventing new and revolutionary building concepts.
In 2008, renowned coaster engineer, Alan Schilke and Fred collaborated and designed two new revolutionary track technologies: The Topper and IBox Tracks. These two new track systems have taken the roller coaster industry by storm, making RMC a leader in the industry." -Rocky Mountain Construction

ibox track on an existing coaster at Kentucky Kingdom, using the existing support structure from an old wooden coaster. (c)RMC 
For a newer update on Gwazi, click here!
Things are moving fast over at the wooden coaster, with RMC workers spotted on-site!


  1. i hope they keep as two coasters

    1. I was just thinking the same thing, would be nice to get two credits too.

  2. It’s long enough where it should be two rides still!


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