Is Infinity Falls Finally Ready for a Soft Opening?


SeaWorld takes construction walls down around Infinity Falls, showing off the new area.

***UPDATE: SeaWorld has announced October 4th as the opening date for Infinity Falls!

Pictures have surfaced on social media featuring the new Infinity Falls raft ride at SeaWorld Orlando, with construction walls finally removed! The new raft ride was originally scheduled to open during the Summer of this year, but was pushed back after delays. During the ride, passengers wind their way around a river filled with waterfalls and remains of an ancient civilization.
The entrance is currently guarded by an employee of Seaworld. Possibly a soft opening will be in our near-future. Image: JMeT73 Twitter
Adventurers start from a moving platform in an open-air station. Infinity Falls is surrounded by a luscious jungle environment and features 14 eight-person round rafts, and 1520-feet of exciting rapids.

The journey begins by passing through an area filled with Flamingos; rapids intensify along the route, eventually plummeting you down a 40-foot drop, the worlds tallest for a raft-style ride. Your adventure ends at Harmony Village with exhibits connecting you to the world’s rivers, spreading the message of conservation.
The open-air station can be seen the left, with the entrance to the new ride at the right. Image: JMeT73 Twitter 

The 40-foot drop and elevator-lift behind some palm trees. Image: JMeT73 Twitter
SeaWorld Orlando's 2017 promotional video for Infinity Falls can be seen below. The ride has a height requirement of 42" and is expected to open soon.

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