Infinity Falls Has Soft-Opened to Guests! + POV


Infinity Falls at SeaWorld Orlando has officially soft-opened to park-goers.

It seems guests today were the lucky firsts to ride the brand new water raft ride at Sea World Orlando. Park goers visiting the park today, September 28, got a chance to ride before the grand opening date of October 4. Look for the ride to be intermittently open through next Thursday.
The drop above from onboard the raft near the halfway point of the ride. Photo from @EricMDavisFL
"Climb aboard your raft for a journey of discovery down this lost jungle river. Wind your way around soaking fountains and waterfalls as you pass the remains of an ancient civilization. Hang on as the roaring world class rapids send you flying through chutes before you plunge down the tallest drop of its kind into churning whitewater. Your adventure ends at Harmony Village with a greater connection to the world’s rivers, inspired to spread the message of conservation.

Explorers visiting SeaWorld Orlando may be able to preview Infinity Falls now through October 3 during the soft opening period. Then, starting at Noon, get ready to drop, scream and get soaked during our Grand Opening on October 4th."
The main drop, overlooking SeaWorld's roller coaster collection. Photo by Midway Mayhem
A POV shot by Attractions Magazine is embedded below. The ride has 1520-feet of track and lasts around 5 minutes. It features the tallest drop on a raft ride, 40 feet. It's also worth noting that the height requirement for Infinity Falls does not allow for riders over 78 inches or under 42 inches to ride the rapids.

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