Hakugei, "White Cyclone" Details Announced, Animated POV


White Cyclone at Nagashima Spa Land, Details and (Unofficial) POV. 

This Rocky Mountain Construction IBox Track, custom-layout ride takes over the White Cyclone roller coaster at Nagashima Spa Land.

The new RMC finally has some details that have been released. The hybrid coaster is well under construction with most of the original tracking stripped off, and the two large helices removed. It will transform the old White Cyclone into a steel-tracked, smooth, exciting ride. The layout below is based off of the model shown on the Japanese news program Asahicom. 

The layout features 3 inversions, including a stall and two zero-g rolls and a top speed of 66mph, or 107kmph.
Other features:
180-feet tall.
80-degree drop.
5000+ feet in length.
The name has also been translated to "Moby Dick" by some sources.

Please note: This is all based off the model seen on Japanese news programs, the support squares were counted to make everything a similar height to the model's elements. The final three bunny hops under the structure cannot be seen in the model, so they are a guess at what could be under there.

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