Toverland's Fenix is Testing!


Toverland's Fenix is testing, photo update and video.

Fenix looks just as graceful and majestic as all the other B&M Wing Coasters. What a perfect theme for such a smooth and beautiful looking ride.

The color of this ride is just unbelievable. Photo: Instagram Toverland
A video was posted to twitter of the trains making its rounds, with a joyous celebration to follow featuring some champagne and cheers.

The first air-hill looks fantastic, and the low to ground turn will be extremely thrilling, hats off to B&M and Toverland.
Details around the new area feature bright colors. At the gates of the new Toverland entrance, the Port Guards await you as you go through a final check. Do you have any black magic hidden? If so, they will forever be stored in a safe. (Toverland)

The new entrance gates. Once inside, you continue your way along the Via Magia, to all the surrounding worlds of Toverland. (Toverland)

New in front, old in back. (Toverland)

The new Toverland entrance and largest expansion ever in the parks history will open Saturday, July 7. This area is home to two new attractions as well as eateries, shops, and an outdoor stage. From here, visitors can continue their way to Toverland’s other theme areas. The new expansion makes Toverland 150% larger!

In addition to the E-ticket attraction "Fenix," Toverland will also be adding a family attraction, "Merlin's Quest," by Mack Rides. This 12-minute boat ride goes through rivers intertwined through Avalon. The river ride will take visitors on a ride with Merlin in search of Tir na nOg, the fountain of eternal life. During this ride the boats will also travel through a dark-ride section themed as a ruin. 

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