Coaster Derails at Boardwalk Amusements, Daytona


Daytona Beach Roller Coaster Derails.

 Rescue crews were brought to the scene to assist in helping stranded riders off the Sand Blaster roller coaster. 10 people total were taken off the derailed coaster train by the Daytona Beach Fire Department late Thursday evening, with 6 of them taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. It is being said that 2 riders fell to the ground from the cars.
 "It was definitely chaotic and time-sensitive," Fire Department Spokeswoman Staton said. "We didn't want the dangling car to fall any further." Police kept "many bystanders from all directions far enough away for their own safety because we had a lot of equipment and for the firefighters safety so they'd have plenty of room to work and evacuate the riders." -CNN

Photo from @DaytonaBeachFD More images available on the Twitter page.

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