Check Out This New Dinosaur Ride Where You Get to Actually Drive.


New Jurassic Park-like Jeep attraction opens at Movieland Park "Pangea".

Movieland Park in Italy is known for its interesting attractions along with basing rides and attractions off of other ride counterparts. They've got a Blues Brother's show, X-factor show, a Hollywood Tower knockoff ride, and quite a few one-of-a-kind rides like Jetboats and a Submarine Simulator. The park  features many one-off attractions instead of a large collection of roller coasters.

The new jeep-ride has a Jurrasic Park-esque soundtrack and features jeeps that you drive yourself, without a track. The off-road style experience features limited-speed jeeps that take you past dinosaurs and a few extra surprises along the way. The ride features a Jeep to drive safely, 1,500 tropical plants, 50 dinosaurs, and 30,000 square meters of dinosaur-fun.

This fan-video of the ride below shows the journey and theming surrounding the ride! An interesting concept that looks to be a perfect family addition to a very interesting park.

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