Check Out Episode 6 of "The Making Of" at Toverland.


The Making of Port Laguna and Avalon, Episode 6.

This episode is the best yet, featuring details about Merlin's Quest, the 12-minute dark water ride. Also testing footage of Fenix from angles we've never seen before are in the video. The area looks incredible!

"On 7 July 2018, two brand new magical worlds will open their gates. Our new entrance Port Laguna and the mysterious theme area Avalon will make Toverland more magical than ever.

In this episode we like to take you to the technical completion of the largest expansion in the history of Toverland. You can see the first secrets of our boatride Merlin’s Quest. During this exciting boat ride, suitable for the whole family, you encounter magical surprises." -Toverland

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