White Cyclone, Nagashima Spa Land New Coaster RMC Conversion, Prediction


NoLimits 2 Prediction video for the new RMC coming to Nagashima Spa Land in Japan

Nagashima Spa Land, the 18th most visited park in the world, is finally stepping into the Rocky Mountain Construction game and transforming their White Cyclone Wooden PTC (Philadelphia Toboggan Coaster) coaster into an RMC masterpiece. This will transform the coaster into a ride created by RMC, who quite arguably makes the smoothest coasters on the planet. It's the first RMC going to Japan, so here it is, our prediction for the White Cyclone RMC Conversion at Nagashima Spa Land in No Limits 2.

Here's what we based this off of: -RMC doesn't usually keep large helicies in layouts like the White Cyclone wooden coaster. -Construction Photos show half of the large Helix near the lift already being removed so you can expect that to be in use not as a 540-degree helix, but as a 180-degree turnaround. -The predicted ride is 180-feet tall in the simulation, this is based on past percentage height increases from previous conversions that RMC has done, as well as the space available for the lift and ride. -The ride is at a length where an MCBR is not needed. This doesn't have the speed of Steel Vengeance, nor does it support the layout Mean Streak had before its transformation. A lot of extra footers and track would have to be used if they wanted to make this longer, which is not something we're expecting. Hope you enjoy, let us know what you think below, thanks!

We'll have a Robin Hood at Walibi World prediction video soon.

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