Ray Rush Looks to be a Fantastic Family Raft Addition.


Ray Rush, Now Open at SeaWorld's Aquatica, Looks to Be Quite the Fun Water Ride.

Ray Rush is now open and seems to be a perfect ride for the whole family. It features many elements seen on other water slides and combines them all into one.
Ray Rush at Aquatica (c)SeaWorld
"Triple your fun with the three-in-one thrills of Ray Rush, new at Aquatica Orlando. Ray Rush is the fully-loaded water adventure with three ways to slide, splash and soar like never before. First, water jets launch your raft from zero to awesome in just seconds. Your adventure takes a twisting turn as you spin inside a colossal water sphere. Finally, dive into the giant manta wings, swooping up and down a different path each time. Fill your raft with family and friends for three times the thrills on the exciting Ray Rush at Aquatica, SeaWorld’s waterpark." -SeaWorld

The POV below was taken by Midway Mayhem on media day and shows the exciting launch and half pipe elements that the ride features.

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