Parc Asterix Announces New Coaster For 2021.


Parc Asterix in France Announces Launched Coaster for 2021 on TV Show "Sept a Huit."

With no formal details announced, Park Asterix's strategic director Frédéric Dubosc mentioned a new LSM-launched Intamin coaster during a TV show today on channel TF1 out of France.

"Taron" at Phantasialand was highlighted during the TV feature.
"In the meantime, another major project is on track and is already under construction. The French amusement park will propose as a novelty in spring 2019 a 4D simulator, on the theme of a "virtual roller coaster". With a capacity of 300 seats, provided with all the special effects and a screen of 20 meters by 6 meters, the budget allocated to this novelty is 6.5 million euros. 50 seats have already been delivered. It is the specialized Breton company located in Le Rheu, near Rennes, CL Corporation which was in charge of the design. "

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