Is Fast and Furious Sluggish and Boring?


It's Official, Fast and Furious at Universal Orlando is a Big Bust.

Fast and Furious: Supercharged opened to the public on May 3.
Don't plan your new Universal Studios trip just yet. With the new ride now having time to settle in from the initial awful reports, things seem just as bleak as before. It seems the scrutiny has not gotten any better since the grand opening of Fast and Furious: Supercharged, located at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. The ride, which is very much based off of a section of the Universal Studios Hollywood Backlot Tour, has been talked about nonstop through reviews and on social media as being quite disastrous. From it not appealing to a wide age group, to using 2D projection screens as the forefront of the rides tech.
The queue for Fast and Furious Supercharged winds itself through many iconic film location recreations. Including this car garage.
The attraction begins by taking you through a series of sets, starting by bringing you into the underground HQ's of the Fast and Furious Family. "Visitors amble past slick vehicles, including the turbo truck driven by Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and Dom’s Dodge Charger, as they make their way through the queue. Many of the vehicles and other artifacts on display are actual props from the movies." -USA Today

The attraction moves onto a double pre-show segment after the queue section, which explains the story-line and gets you up to speed on what the ride is about. Eventually you board the vehicle, which is vehicle similar to what you would see at Island's of Adventure on the "Kong" ride, and begin your journey. Without spoiling much, the ride goes past a few scenes and eventually get's to the "immersion tunnel," which is a large, rounded screen that encompasses your entire viewing angle. It is displayed in 2D, and can be a bit, well, boring.

Where to sit: This is quite a top tip, for total immersion we recommend you sit in the front bus while loading, near the front as much as possible. This is because there is an additional projection in front of the 'bus,' and it helps immerse you even more. 
The previous ride at the Fast and Furious location. Safe to say this decision was a Disaster!
As Arthur Levine of USA Today put it, "all I really did was sit on a bench and get spritzed by water blasters while watching digitally rendered vehicles explode around me. 
But hey, the F&F films aren’t exactly Shakespeare. Sure, Supercharged doesn’t measure up to Universal’s extraordinary attractions such as The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man or Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. But like the F&F franchise, the Universal ride is a pleasant diversion. It’s the theme park equivalent of a popcorn movie."

Hopeful for a ride that was "re-rideable," F&F is a huge letdown. With long pre-shows and a ride that doesn't deliver, it's no wonder Fast and Furious: Supercharged has a 1.5 star out of 5 on Google Reviews. Which is what must be the worst rating for an E-ticket attraction of this day and age. 

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