Here We Go Again, Another Blue vs. Gold Dress Situation, But In Audio Form

The World Has Got it's Panties In A Bunch Again, What Do You Hear? What is the Science behind it?

The whole blue and black vs. white and gold dress ordeal was quite amazing to see that humans actually see different colors in some instances. And we are at it again with sound now.
The Viral Phenomenon. 

Do you hear Laurel or Yanny?

For me, it's Yanny, and I have no idea where people are making "Laurel" out of this as I hear no L.

Scientists say the science behind it is that “there’s just enough ambiguity in this fairly low-quality recording that [some] people are hearing it one way and some people are hearing it another,” Brad Story, the associate department head of speech, language, and hearing sciences at Arizona State University, told
Humans typically pay attention to three different frequencies when they’re listening to speech. Story said the lowest of the three frequencies is “absolutely essential” for the L’s and R’s — the consonants that make up “Laurel.”


(And by the way, Laurel is the correct answer)

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