Cedar Point's Big Steel Vengeance Having Small Troubles?


Is Cedar Point Having Issues With Padding Flying Off Steel Vengeance?

On the opening day of Steel Vengeance, the fun didn't last as long as one would hope, as two trains ended up hitting each other in the station.

Later that weekend the ride reopened, but it seems that the ride was also having issues with pieces of padding flying off the train. Twitter user @dirty_b1t caught a picture of something flying off the train as it flew down the first drop.

The piece can be seen in this photo about 2/3rds up, flying off the train. @dirty_b1t

Steel Vengeance Padding on ground @dirty_b1t

We believe this can easily be replaced right away without removing the car from the track, and even something that may have happened in the past on other RMC's. However, @bobscoasterblog mentions that there's word going around that more pieces of this cushioning are falling off, and reports that coaster closed early on Monday the 14th. "From a friend who was at CP today: Steel Vengeance was shut down for the day around 3:30 and they're apparently still having problems with the seat cushions flying off."

This is bigger than any other Rocky Mountain Construction project to date, and the biggest hybrid coaster in the world, so possibly the strong and constant air force from the high speeds are taking more of a toll than expected. Whatever it may be, we do not see this as a major issue that should cause concern if you have a trip planned. Ride on.

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