Are You Named "Harry" or "Meghan?" Thorpe Park Entry is Free Tomorrow and Sunday, Just For You!

A Royal Treat For a Few Thorpe Park Guests. Free Entry All Weekend Long!

Were you lucky enough to be born Harry or Meghan? If so, head on over to Thorpe Park this weekend and receive free entry! Enjoy Stealth, Saw, Swarm, Colossus and all the rest the park has to offer at no charge!

Colossus at Thorpe Park
From the park -- As you may know there's an event happening in Windsor on Saturday 19th May and we’ve decided to join in the celebrations in style! Not only are we going to be open from 10am-10pm for a Royal Wedding party like no other, but we’re also letting anyone named Harry or Meghan join the festivities COMPLETELY FREE ALL WEEKEND (Saturday or Sunday)

That’s anyone named “Harry” and “Meghan” ONLY - no “Harri, Harriet, Harrison or Hazza” or “Meg, Megan, Meggy or Megz”, we know what you cheeky lot are like! To get this free ticket all you need to do is turn up with a photo ID proving your name is Harry or Meghan. This can be a passport, driver’s licence, citizen card or student ID; as long as it proves you’re a Harry or a Meghan.

We’ll be screening the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the dome for those who still want to take in the momentous occasion. Bring your own hankies though - it could get super emotional! -Thorpe Park Blog

Stealth at Thorpe Park

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