Animated Carowinds POV "Copperhead Strike" 2019 Coaster. Rumored Layout


Carowinds Proposed Layout POV, Prediction Video.

Carowinds Official Announcement has been released! Check out the OFFICIAL POV here!

3 years ago, Thunder Road, a wooden coaster, closed down near the Carolina Harbor water park area to make room for a water park expansion. Not all this land was used for the expansion and after a boat ride closed a nice plot of land was left available for more expansion.

What we based this off of:
With a few leaked photos of the layout circulating the web, we've made a coaster based purely on the heartline and the supports shown on this blurry image below found over on the Reddit roller coaster sub, along with the scale of a leaked layout via Screamscape. The supports give hints at the heights in various areas, as well as the heartline that can be seen. It also mentions a hold during the first launch but not during the second. There seems to be a lot of low to the ground elements at the end, but it is hard to tell.  The layout may be spinning, but for the sake of this video and your viewing pleasure, it is a regular Mack launched coaster.


The layout superimposed over a Carowinds Satellite Image.
The park has filed a copyright for the name Copperhead Strike, could this be the name of the new coaster? MACK is not known for its wild intensity, however, the second half of this ride does seem to be filled with low-to-the-ground turns looking at the rather small supports through the finale section. Which would be an extremely fun ending, let's hope!
Side View
Action View

Action View, from Pathway

Current Clearing via (c)Carowinds Web Cam

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