An Update on the Slidewheel


4 Slidewheel's Sold Worldwide, and They Look Totally Awesome.

A while back we heard about the new Slidewheel concept. We weren't sure on whether it would be boring or not, but after watching it more and more, it looks totally epic. The engineering is incredible and just fun to see in motion, the Physics are smart and take advantage of riding a ride while also not getting closer to the ground, which leaves more possibilities for a "slide-after-a-slide," as you can see in the incredible product video below.

The Slidewheel at Chimelong, the most visited waterpark in the world. Pic: (c)Slidewheel
Just take a look at the new ride at Chimelong Waterpark, and decide for yourself.

The "blocking" system is innovative, allows for an incredible amount of riders for a raft ride, and the ride looks absolutely stunning. We cannot wait to get on a Slidewheel, "the first rotating and pendulating waterslide worldwide. Made and tested in Germany.  Explore the amazing light system - are you ready to slide?" -wiegand.maelzer GmbH

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