American Dream, Miami. Mall Approved.


World's Largest Mall Coming to Miami. Will Include Theme Park.

With more and more malls closing each year, it seems the new-age mall is now here instead, huge entertainment complexes with day's worth of activities in them. New Jersey's American Dream is well underway, as it has been for almost 20 years. And now, before the completion of the large mall near New York City is complete, Miami has announced a mall as well.
Concept Artwork (c)American Dream

The American Dream Miami will feature theme-park attractions, an indoor ski-slope, water park, skating rink, and more. In fact, developers would rather you don't call it a mall, "We’re not building a mall. We’re not in the mall business," said Don Ghermezian, president of Canada-based developer Triple Five to the Tampa Bay Times. "This is a park that is meant to compete with the best parks in America."
Environmentalists are not happy with the mall's close proximity to the Everglade national park. (c)Google
Miami hopes to compete with the growing leisure-based traffic of Orlando with the new project. The mall's location is approximately 50 minutes from Miami according to Google Maps, or about 25 driving miles.

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