After the Blaze: Europa Park Update


Europa Park opens today with some rides and attractions closed.

Europa Park Batavia Damage, Day After
The damages to the Scandanavian themed area. @EuropaStreet

The damages to the Scandanavian themed area as well as some of the Holland area. @EuropaStreet

Sad news coming yesterday after a massive fire began at the Pirates of Batavia water ride inside Europa Park; Rust, Germany. The fire has been extinguished in the meantime thanks to hundreds of internal and external team members.
The seven-and-a-half minute journey took riders on a boat trip back in time when pirates arrived at the East Indian seaport of Batavia. It is said to be similar to the Pirates of the Carribean ride at Disney World. The ride is a complete loss.

The Pirates of Batavia Ride. The ride was built by Mack Rides in 1987 and was situated in a large hall at the Dutch-themed area of the park. Photo (c)Europa Park
No major injuries were reported apart from a few firefighters with smoke inhalation. In total, nearly 500 relief personnel from professional firefighters and police officers to park employees and other volunteers participated in the operation. At the moment the source of the fire is not fully known. What is certain is that the fire started from a storage area and spread to engulf the entirety of the Scandinavian section of the park, according to information given by the police. An investigation has been opened.
Pirates of Batavia Ride on Fire, Europa Park
The Scandinavian Section ablaze around 6pm Saturday. Photo (c)Titi Jérémy Alsacien
The fire via drone image.  The engulfed building is the main show area for the Pirates of Batavia ride. Photo (c)@sihe_twit
What was damaged during the fire at Europa Park?
Currently, the following rides and attractions are closed at the park due to the fire; 
The Netherlands and Scandinavian areas of the park, as well as rides and attractions:  
-Koffiekopjes, a tea-cup style ride that seems to escape damage.
-Pirates in Batavia, an indoor water ride which is thought to be a complete loss.
-Jungle Rafts, a boat ride around the African jungle. No damages known.
-Fjord-Rafting, a river-raft ride which backed up to the burned area. Damages occurred but are thought to be minor. Debris has fallen into the concrete riverbed, which is thought to be easily removable, some repairs may be necessary once the brush is cleared. Depending on the rebuild process, new construction may keep this ride closed longer than anticipated.
-Monorail, closed until further notice.
-Journey to Rulantica - Preview Centre, A water-themed attraction. Unknown damages at the moment.
-Ball pool, a large ball pit play area. Unknown damages.
-Kindermusical, a show based around an enchanted forest. Unknown, likely damages have occurred.
-Restaurant Bamboe Baai & Bamboe Baai Show, thought to be a complete loss, located inside the same structure as Batavia
-Fjord Restaurant, Unknown Damages, damage is thought to be major.
-Molencafém, Cafe, unknown, damages likely.
-Friethuys, Eatery, unknown, damages likely.
-Fiskhuset Meermaid, Eatery, thought to be a complete loss.

No damages are reported in Iceland, Portugal, Luxembourg Place, and Colonial House (via Michael Mack).
Light dust and smoke could still be seen above the park early Sunday Morning Photo:(c)France 3 Grand Est 

Damage to the Park as seen on Sunday. Photo:(c)France 3 Grand Est

A park worker stands at the edge of the damaged area on Sunday. Photo:(c)France 3 Grand Est

Damages as seen the day after the large blaze. Photo: (c)France 3 Grand Est

Light dust and smoke, Sunday. Photo:(c)France 3 Grand Est

Damages to the Scandinavian Section of the Park. Photo:(c)France 3 Grand Est

Information Sources:
France 3, Twitter, Europa Park

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